How Much Does an MBA in Finance cost?

how much does an mba in finance costThere are a lot of things to consider when budgeting for earning a degree in higher education, and this article will address the question, how much does an MBA in Finance cost?

Details to Help You Budget For Your Education

So, how much does an MBA in Finance cost? There are a variety of costs involved in getting an MBA in Finance, and examining them closely before you start earning your degree is a wise idea.  Consider the following:

  • Tuition – This is charged by the business school and it covers use of facilities, professor salaries, etc. The total tuition cost of an MBA in Finance ranges from $35,000 to $150,000, and it can vary greatly based on whether you attend a traditional brick and mortar school or choose from one of the many quality online schools available to earn your MBA.
  • Books and Materials – Books and materials can cost as much as several hundred dollars per semester. Ask your MBA in Finance program for specific details.
  • Travel – Be sure to factor the cost of travel, including flights, gas, tolls, and parking.
  • Accommodations – If you’re living on campus or getting an apartment near campus, factor in these costs as well.
  • Graduation fees and other fees – Many schools assess a fee for graduation, which cover materials, facilities, paperwork, and more.
  • Loss of job income – If you’re leaving your job or taking a leave of absence to get your MBA in Finance, be sure to factor the loss of salary into the cost of getting your degree.

Hopefully after careful planning and consideration you will begin your MBA learning experience satisfied that you know the answer to, “How Much Does an MBA in Finance Cost?”