The Top 10 Best Online MBA in Finance Programs

MBA in Finance ProgramsThese are The Top 10 Best Online MBA in Finance Programs. The MBA in Finance Programs rankings were decided by reputation and accreditation first, and we also favored flexible programs designed for the working professional. All the institutions on this list are regionally accredited,  and other major accreditations weighed heavily in the final rankings. Online programs have become much more respected in recent years, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. These universities are some of the leaders in the field of distance learning and offer excellent MBA in Finance Programs.


Ranking The Top 10 Online MBA in Finance Programs


1. University of Massachusetts-MBA in Finance

One of the best regarded state schools in the country, the University of Massachusetts now offers full online MBA degrees with finance as one of the concentrations. The program is high quality and respected with strong accreditation and affordable tuition. The online MBA program at the University of Massachusetts is designed to be a flexible distance learning program for working professionals seeking to immediately apply the skills learned to their work as they earn the degree.

Accreditation: Regional and AACSB

2. Northeastern University-MBA in Finance

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University has grown to be the largest research university in Boston. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship, the school’s business programs are widely respected and their online MBA with a concentration in finance is no exception. Located near the heart of the Boston financial district, Northeastern has taken their approach, steeped in the financial center of the city, and begun to offer it to students all over the country and world with their distance learning program. Their finance concentration gives students a comprehensive look at the financial workings of major corporations including the financial implications of mergers, IPOs, acquisition, licensing, and joint ventures, all from a management perspective.

Accreditation: Regional and AACSB

3. University of Liverpool-MBA in Finance

As far as MBA in Finance Programs go, the highly flexible MBA program at the University of Liverpool is designed specifically for working professionals with the intention of enhancing the student’s professional development. The University of Liverpool is an institution with a strong heritage of excellence. Granted their Royal Charter in 1903, the school is one of the premier research institutions in England. The finance and accounting specialization seeks to provide a deep understanding of the financial workings of companies by providing modules that deal with each aspect of corporate financial management in depth.

Accreditation: Royal Charter Granted in 1903

4. University of Maryland University College-Dual MBA/MS in Finance

The program offered by UMUC is unique as it allows the student to earn two Master’s degrees by taking only three additional courses. It is one of the finest MBA in Finance Programs out there.  The opportunity to earn not just a concentration in finance but an entirely separate degree with minimal time or cost investment is rare, particularly in online study. The distance learning MBA from the University of Maryland University College was one of the first online degree programs offered and has been rated the #1 distance MBA by the prestigious Sloan Foundation. Students looking for that extra edge that want more than just a finance concentration should consider this program.

Accreditation: Regional and ACBSP

5. American Intercontinental University-MBA in Finance

If you’re researching MBA in Finance Programs with a high concentration on global concerns, the finance concentration offered by American Intercontinental University is the one for you.  It is geared toward students seeking a global perspective on financial management and economics. The program offers a comprehensive study of the systems by which companies are valued and the role of different devices such as derivatives and specifically the role they play in financial risk management. The emphasis on a global perspective of the economy and the management of financial risk make this an example of MBA in Finance Programs that are perfect for those seeking an education on those aspects of management and finance.

Accreditation: Regional and ACBSP

6. Northcentral University-MBA in Finance

The MBA program at Northcentral University offers many quality concentrations and their finance concentration is one of the strongest a prospective student can find offered online. The program is one of the most personally tailored programs available. The personal aspect doesn’t hinder the flexibility of the program; Northcentral takes a faculty mentor approach giving each student more personal attention from the faculty, helping the student derive the most possible from their educational experience. Northcentral was the first 100% online university to offer accredited doctorate degrees and one of the first eight schools offering Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees to receive ACBSB accreditation.

Accreditation: Regional and ACBSP

7. Strayer University-MBA in Finance

The emphasis of the MBA Finance concentration at Strayer is on the role of corporate financial management in optimizing a corporation’s value while managing financial risk. This is one of those MBA in Finance Programs that allow students to gain the necessary skills to develop budgets, create financial reports, acquire capital and develop global investment strategies. Strayer University was founded in 1892 and has a strong historical tradition in providing quality education specifically to adults that need to balance their everyday responsibilities with their need for an advanced degree. Strayer boasts a strong list of corporate alliances that provide graduates with instant career opportunities.

Accreditation: Regional and ACBSP Candidate

8. Colorado Technical University-MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance Programs might not always be known for their flexibility, but the program at CTU is an exception. The Finance MBA concentration at CTU is a very strong choice. The program offers flexibility not just in how the degree is earned, but how the material is learned. The university has implemented different learning strategies for visual, aural and read/write learners. This makes it a prime choice for those with specific needs when it comes to learning methods. CTU is fully committed to providing the highest quality experience for all of its students at all levels of education.

Accreditation: Regional

9. Capella University-MBA in Finance

The Finance concentration at Capella focuses on all areas of finance such as investment portfolio management, bank management, international finance and risk management. The program offers an in depth study of corporate financial management from many perspectives. A true online university, Capella directs all its resources toward offering a high quality distance education experience.

Accreditation: Regional

10.Benedictine University-MBA in Finance

The Finance MBA at Benedictine University utilizes a systematic approach to managerial finance and all that it entails. Benedictine has a rich tradition of scholarship dating back to its founding in 1887 as a Roman Catholic institution with Benedictine ties. The emphasis on the university has always been on offering strong liberal arts and professional education. The MBA program here places a value on integrity and responsibility as well as profitability, and should be closely considered when making your choice about MBA in Finance Programs.

Accreditation: Regional

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