What Is An MBA In Finance?

A Master’s Degree with a concentration in Finance (MBA in Finance) has become increasingly popular for candidates interested in continued education. An MBA in Finance can prepare professionals for careers in areas like real estate appraisal, investment management, corporate finance, portfolio strategy, portfolio analysis, accounting, financial planning, and more. The curriculum for an MBA in Finance includes courses in advanced finance, and various managerial skills, as they relate to business.

Who Should Consider an MBA in Finance

what is an mba in financeAn MBA in Finance is an option for candidates who want to gain a competitive advantage over their peers. These advantages can be through relevant skills, networking, and positive brand association. In today’s complex market, job applicants are consistently looking for new ways to build skills and experience that can increase marketability and career options. Earning a Finance MBA can open up employment options in a variety of companies and sectors. An MBA degree in Finance is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees for both business professionals and college graduates. The MBA program in Finance is one of many continued education business degrees that professionals enroll in for increased impact on career advancement and salary. There are small and large companies that expect and even require all executive officers to hold an MBA.

For business professionals aspiring to hold executive level positions or network with other professionals, an MBA in Finance is worth considering. In addition to skills in areas like finance, leadership, and ethics, graduates are also able to build their professional networks. An MBA program in Finance can offer access to other MBA students, alumni, faculty, and community or business leaders. For entrepreneurs and professionals in general, expanding a professional network can help build relationships with key strategic partners. Strategic partners can potentially become clients and vendors or provide access to clients and vendors.

Each school offering an MBA program in Finance is a brand. Applicants, students, businesses, and the general public often have a perception of a brand, if they are familiar with it. Depending on the reputation of the school or specific MBA program, positive brand association can help open doors to companies or provide other career opportunities.

Requirements and Expectations to Earn an MBA in Finance

Requirements for acceptance into both online MBA Finance programs and other MBA Finance programs will vary by institution. Some of the requirements may include:

  • Application Essay – Schools may require a letter of intent, explaining why each applicant is pursuing the degree.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Programs may require recommendation letters from professors, colleagues, or employers.
  • Official Transcripts – An MBA in Finance requires an undergraduate degree, for which official transcripts (including Grade Point Average) must typically be submitted
  • Professional Resume – Some programs require a minimum number of years of full time work experience. The required number of years may vary depending on if the applicant is enrolling in a full time program.
  • Test Scores – Programs typically require admission test results. The required tests are usually the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduation Records Examination (GRE). Schools may not accept results from these tests if taken more than five years prior to application submission.

There are a multitude of options for types of programs that offer an MBA in Finance. The time commitment for each varies according to the program. Different offerings include:

  • Two Year Full Time Finance MBA Programs
  • One Year Full Time Finance MBA Programs
  • Part Time MBA in Finance Programs
  • Online MBA in Finance Programs

Both the one year and two year programs require an extensive time commitment and would not allow the student to work full-time simultaneously. The two year program could be a more ideal option for someone who has recently graduated, or someone who is interested in making a career change. The one-year program typically caters to a professional with approximately two or more years of experience. The material should focus on the student’s current professional industry.

The part-time program allows for flexibility in scheduling, against the participant’s work and or personal commitments. The difficulty with this program is remaining dedicated to the program over an extended period of time. The online MBA in Finance alternative has become increasingly popular. Classes are conducted over the internet however some programs do offer on-campus components. An online MBA in Finance offers participants the flexibility to continue working. For interested participants it is important to conduct research and ensure the specific online MBA program is recognized by prospective employers.

Choose the Right MBA Finance Program for You

Regardless of each participant’s background and needs, it is important to conduct research and check credibility to find the best MBA in Finance program to satisfy the unique applicant’s needs. Each candidate should also carefully consider the cost of getting an MBA in Finance. Utilizing rankings for MBA in Finance programs can be helpful.